Andi The Gauge (Guitars)

Andi (* 17. July 1987) picked up the guitar in 2004 when Iivo was looking for a guitarist for his not yet existing metal band. Like the other founding members Andi never attended any music lessons. Maybe that’s the reason why his rhythm playing still shows a characteristic rawness.

In the early days he was the only guitarist of Tendonitis and did the vocals, too. But the band quickly realized that they needed a second guitarist as well as a vocalist for their sound. Nevertheless Andi still does some backing vocals from time to time. His playing is mostly influenced by Finnish bands like Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Kotiteollisuus or Amorphis.

Andi is studying computer sciences and lives near Zürich. He does most of the administrative tasks for the band such as website maintenance.

His equipment consists of Jackson and Epiphone Guitars as well as VHT/Marshall/Randall amps.