Ben Big Ben (Vocals)

Ben (12. January 1982), or “Big Ben”, as he prefers to be called, has found his way to Tendonitis in 2013. He has since been a valuable addition to the team.

Being “forced” to play the piano for something around 5 years when he was just a little boy Ben grew up with music always being a big part of his life. But it was not until the age of 14 when he first picked up a guitar that he really got into rock music. Singing, however, has always been his greatest passion and after several shortlived band projects that never really made it past the 2nd gig, if at all, and more time at his hands due to his new job he finally found a place to call home again and to live his passion as a singer and lyricist – in a kick-ass metal band called Tendonitis!

Ben grew up near the Lake Constance and has recently moved back there. He works in IT.

He strives to enhance the sound of the band with his powerful voice and to bring depth and emotion into the lyrics he writes. Music is his passion. And he wants to share it with you all.