Martin (Guitars)

Martin, born on the 14th of January in 1981, grew up in Zurich in a family of musicians. He picked up his first E-Guitar at the tender age of 14 and ever since, his passion for strings hasn’t left him. With 20 he decided to leave Switzerland for Prague to gather experience and skill as a soundengineer and musician. While this only lasted 2 years it really opened his eyes to a whole new world of music. One could say it was this experience that really set him aflame with his passion for music.

Upon his return he had the honor of taking up a lead vocalist/guitarist position in the band “Deafening Silence”, where Iivo would later (2009-2013) also play the bass guitar. In his job as orchestra technician with the “Tonhalleorcherster Zürich” he is in permanent contact with classical music. Thus Metal is not his only passion, but one that resonates deeply with his soul. As former member of “Infected User” (formerly Deafening Silence) a new era will dawn for him. With his vast knowhow he will certainly be a valued addition to the “Tendonitis” roster, and will surely add his touch to the upcoming new powerful songs.