Iivo The Cannon (Bass)

Iivo (* 3. February 1987) is what’s commonly called the heart of a band. Together with the former drummer Michi he founded Tendonitis in 2003. In contrast to the other founding members of the band, he had been tuned in to the metal scene for some years already. Especially in these early days he shaped the sound of Tendonitis in a significant way.

Surprisingly enough he never attended any musical lessons and was one of the worst students in music theory. Maybe it’s because of his Finnish roots that he has become a skilled songwriter and a bass player in demand. With his sure feeling for great melodies he wrote almost all the material for Tendonitis up to now. Besides he acted as a producer on the bands earlier projects.

Iivo currently lives in Zürich. At he moment he’s working for an event management company, which makes it possible for him to get to know other bands and event agencies. Beside Tendonitis, he used to play in the band Deafening Silence from 2009 until 2013. He is mostly influenced by bands like Soilwork, The Crown or Kreator.

His weapons of choice consist of EMG equipped Jackson and Spector basses, Ampeg / Tech 21 amps and several Boss effects.